New Healthy High Protein Meals

Essential Kitchen Sydney is excited to release our new range of heathy high protein meals to our menu. Our portions are larger than most of our competitors, so if you’re looking for a satisfying, healthy lunch or dinner without sacrificing on quality, variety, taste or value, check out our range.

Keeping the flavour and calorie count in check.

The average Australian is 6-7 kilos heavier than our counterparts of 20 years ago and more than half our population is over weight or obese. Crazy but true! We love food and more importantly, we love tasty food. To help manage your calorie intake and keep your food full of variety and flavour, Essential Kitchen have worked hard to put together some amazing healthy meals that are a balance of proteins, carbs, vegetables and good fats. 

How will these new High Protein meals benefit you?

It's proven that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein has weight loss benefits. 

  • With a low amount of carbs in your system your body can burn stored fat.
  • Protein keeps you feeling full longer
  • Protein increases muscle mass and also helps maintain weight loss.
  • Vegetables in all meals helps meet your criteria of 6-7 serves a day to have a balanced and healthy diet.

What are our new healthy meals?

We’ve upsized some of our most popular meals AND added a couple of newbies to treat your taste buds.

The ever-popular Large Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognese (34g of protein), Large Smokey BBQ Chicken & Potato Salad (38g of protein), and Large Creamy Chicken Carbonara, coming in at a hefty 52g of protein, all are getting an upsize.

So too are some more heartier favourites just in time for the cooler weather, such as Large Roast Lamb & 3 Veg (with 37g of protein), Large Country Chicken & Pumpkin Mash (37g of protein), and the Large Chickpea & Cashew Nut Curry - vegetarians, we got you too!

There's 2 brand-new meals to try

The chefs have been busy and have developed two new meals, in both regular and large sizes to tempt you too: Korean BBQ Beef Noodles and Thai Red Chicken Curry, two meals certain to become part of your regular order.